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Translation services by a native Polish speaker with a specialised university degree

Translation: a key to success

A good understanding of foreign language texts is a basic condition for successful cross-border communication. This is what enables entrepreneurs to perform successful negotiations, conclude profitable agreements and introduce their products to a specific market. To facilitate the process, MKD Translations offers the key solution: fast, reliable and specialized translation services.

      MKD Translations is committed to ensuring excellence in all services provided. We are a customer-focused business where client satisfaction is a true priority.

Chief Linguist
Michał K. Dzieńdziura
Competence Efficiency Specialization Attractive offer
  • MA in translation from Warsaw University
  • Advanced linguistic and cultural knowledge
  • Over 5 years of translation experience
  • Translations from English, French and Czech
  • Prompt reply to e-mails
  • Fast delivery of orders
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Efficient use of CAT tools
  • Food and beverage industry
  • E-commerce
  • Fair prices
  • Discounts for CAT repetitions
  • Payments in any currency (PayPal & Moneybookers accepted)